Running Clyde

This is a small application which can be used for counting and measuring when you are running outdoor. In 90% of the time when each of us is running outdoor we are having the phone with us and this can help us to have a track of our running sessions. The main goal is to keep track of personal training and to preserve the data as private as any of other personal information

You can track, measure and improve the trainning sessions. You can monitor your improvement over the time (the history is going till 2 months back in this version). We are continuing improving our application with feature that we can find useful for us or from other users. You can write us what feature you want to see in the application and we will add this in the roadmap.

The roadmap we are planning is something based on our ideas and the feedback we get.

For more questions feel free to contact us by mail:

If you are finding any issue regarding the utilization please write us on the above email and we are going to check your request/issue.

Thank you,
Running Clyde Team